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we're using our knowledge in early childhood education and care to create lifelong learners while also enriching teacher development at the same time — and we're always looking for people who believe in our mission.

Childcare employment solutions are just that; we offer a fix for your childcare staffing needs. The childcare business is very challenging when it comes to staffing and here at childcare employment solutions we want to keep your business running and keep you out of trouble with state teacher to children ratios requirements. We have teachers available to eliminate your staff worries when you need them. Never again will you have to worry about staffing problems when you call childcare employment solutions. ​

Why Childcare Employment Solutions?

  • We provide permanent or temporary substitutes.
  • We track when they get there and when they leave for correct billing. 
  • Qualified substitutes that meet or exceed state childcare requirements.
    • FBI fingerprint Check.
    • CAN Check (Child Abuse Neglect.)
    • Clean TB skin test.
    • Staff orientation.
    • High School or College education.
    • Childcare experience.
  • ​​​Fast response when you need a temp sometimes within 2 hours.
  • We offer a variety of temps that are needed in the childcare business.
  • More affordable then hiring and training a new teacher.
  • Worry free from state childcare ratio violations.
  • Allows you time for business enrollment.
  • No more job searching and interviewing for employees, we make it easy for you and affordable.
  • We can provide substitutes in all areas of the city.  

Available M-F / 8a.m.-4p.m.

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Childcare Employment Solutions

We make staffing EASY like ABC !!